Psalm 118:19 – 25

The word Prosperity (Prosper, Prosperous) has been bastardized in the body of Christ. Famous Pastors have not helped neither. It has been defined wrongly from the World-view rather than the Biblical view. The word Prosperity is noun word derived from the verb word “Prosper”, derived from adjective word “Prosperous”, meaning these words are actually saying the same thing. So let’s take a word study to help us get a proper understanding of this word “Prosperity”, as we discuss on the DEFINITION OF PROSPERITY.

Take note as we study; the Bible was not written in English originally, therefore to study this word Prosperity; a good look into Hebrew and Greek interpretation and meaning of it.

According to the Hebrew word for Prosper, TSALACH

This word occurs 65 times in Hebrew Old Testament, the word is first found in Gen 24:21: “…whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous [literally, “to prosper”] or not.” This word generally expresses the idea of a successful venture, as contrasted with failure. The source of such success is God: “…as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper” 2 Chronicles 26:5.

  1. To push forward in various senses
  2. To advance and make progress
  3. To finish or accomplish happily
  4. To be well in all your being
  5. To succeed even as God succeeded in His Redemption plan

According to the Greek word for Prosper, EUODOO

  1. To receive help on your journey
  2. To succeed in reaching (Destiny and Purpose)
  3. To obtain help on the road of life, so that He or she has a successful journey through life
  4. To go well with someone, having a success filled journey.

Other Bible definition of Prosperity

  1. Prosperity is to be at the highest point in one’s career
  2. To reach highest points in significance and importance in Life.
  3. To fly high, improving, growing, succeeding steadily II Corinthians 8:9 AMP


  1. A prosperous life is a RIGHT to every believer. (Because, God will always help) I Thessalonians 5:24. Psalm 46:5 (Its our birthright in Christ Jesus – Confess over and over again)
  2. A prosperous life is NOT AUTOMATIC. (You have to make it happen, even from Bible examples not all people prospered) Titus 3:8
  3. A prosperous life is a PRODUCT of an ORDER/CORRECT LIFESTYLE. Our actions and inactions impacts our prosperity. Adjust your life and prosperity will flow. Your greatest asset to prosperity is a good life, a good life meaning a life equals to the life of Christ. Philippians 2:15 – 16.
  4. The extent of your Prosperity, is dependent on your degree of cooperation with God. Cooperation, you give to your superiors. Keep your constant connection fresh and alive. Amos 3:3. Co – operate John 5:17, II Corinthians 6:1. Obey and pray! Isaiah 1:19, I Corinthians 3:6-7. Be in sync with God.
  5. The true final measure of a prosperous life is the END. Psalm 37:37. II Timothy 2:5, Deuteronomy 8:16 – 18. Philippians 3:13 – 14.
  6. For a prosperous life, our desire and purpose must align with the desire and purpose of God (The Will of God – know it!)

Two reasons why God prospers our life

Because of His own name and His own Glory (I Peter 4:10)

To make us a blessing to other people (helping His people)

If God prospers you, it is NOT to make you comfortable rather it to establish God’s covenant upon the Earth Isaiah 43:21. Do you now agree it’s a gift from above?

If your prosperity focus is to prosper and help other people, then you will have it! If it’s for our selfish needs, then forget it! James 4:2 – 3, our motives must be right. Be interested in God’s kingdom expansion and you will prosper.

  1. A prosperous life requires more than the basic ordinary minimum to be expressed. You must be willing to go the extra mile. God will help us but He will not do it for Us. I Samuel 10:6 – 7, Ecclesiastes 9:10; I Timothy 4:15. For example, people craving for financial prosperity pay beyond the minimum of 10% tithes. Do you desire for a prosperous Marriage, give it your best! You cannot expect God to give you more than you are giving, in your journey towards prosperity. Galatians 6:7. What is that thing, that you want to prosper…give it your best, by committing and sacrificing your time and resources to it. It will definitely prosper.


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