If you are not in a group as a Christian you’re FAKE.
No Christian survives alone or does this Christian lifestyle alone.
Stop listening to all those motivational speakers and sugar coated tongues preacher who are ANTICHRIST.
I dare to say…you are ANTICHRIST, if you are alone.
You need a community or a small group to grow your Faith.
Growing your Faith requires;
A. Activating your Faith
B. Building your Faith
C. Confessing your Faith, one to another
D. Demonstrating your Faith (discerning and manifesting God in Faith)
E. Evaluating your Faith
F. Feeding your Faith
All these SIX steps can only be possible in a small group.
Jesus and His disciples were the first LifeGroup. They laughed together, traveled everywhere together, learned together, served together, prayed together, and in a very real and non-cliché way, they changed the world together.
Don’t be a passive member in any group you find yourself. Either by providence or divine direction, God has a definite plan for bringing you there.
Genuinely participate!!!
All your Prayers are answered in RELATIONSHIPS.
The devil has not changed its strategy…He strives on LONELINESS and PRIDE.
Give no place to the devil, join a group today.
Either by leading younger people, getting involved with your peers and being a member/newbies in a group of older(senior) leaders.
No wonder God instituted MARRIAGE (a group)
God on Earth, fulfilled and transferred the Mandate through an immediate GROUP.
Please I plead with you, join a group today.
© Dr. Virus