Happy New Year in Jesus name! Amen!!!

I say welcome to Year 2021, Receive the Power to do More Synergy

This new year by the grace of God, there are three prophetic R’s involved (Deut 9:1-3);
* Release (foreign release of Currencies)
* Recovery
* Restoration

To activate this prophetic manifestations, there are three things to ensure.

1. Build Synergy with Your God. (Numbers 25:1 – 13; John 2:17)
Meaning: Let the zeal of God’s House consume you. Let it be said about you that you love God too much.
Become God addict.
Make efforts to please God whether its convenient or not. (Matt 6:33)

2. Build Synergy with yourself (III John 2; II Peter 3:18; Psalm 42:5, 11 & 43:5)
Ensure you grow in Spirit, Soul and Body.
Be positive about yourself at all time.
Talk to yourself more often to be in sync with your God and His word about your life.
Write your goals and dreams for the year 2021 and consciously meditate on it, to become your reality.

3. Build Synergy with Your Neighbours. (Mark 2:1-4)
Live in peace with all men.
Don’t look down on your neighbours, your creative miracles is connected to them.
Be warned don’t go fighting with your neighbours, many will run into trouble doing this.

This is personal to us at TSF Mowe parish; ensure you key into it.

The Lord will remember your sweet smelling savour (Genesis 27)
I will be sharing more insights into this, all the Sunday’s in January 2021.

Once again, Happy New Year
Happy New Month,
Happy New Day.

Remain Thoroughly Blessed By The Lord. Amen!

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